Three Important Guidelines for Purchasing Crushed Garlic


The process of preparing garlic in large quantities can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. Therefore, if you need this ingredient in your restaurant or other food production business, consider purchasing crushed garlic. This product will reduce the time required for manual preparation, allowing the workers to focus on other crucial tasks. Also, crushed garlic can be stored for a long period. You can take advantage of discounts and avoid price fluctuations in the fresh food market. If you are buying crushed garlic for the first time, use these simple tips to get your supply.

Evaluate the Ingredients

Crushed garlic is prepared by peeling and pounding the produce. However, some processing is necessary to protect the fresh flavour and maximise the quality of the material. Therefore, the product might have other ingredients added to the garlic. When getting your supply, you should opt for products without artificial elements, including flavours and preservatives. The additives should be natural and safe for direct consumption. For example, salt is often added to garlic to keep it fresh without altering its composition. Vinegar and canola oil are also safe additives for preserving the ingredients.

Check the Product Units

You should inquire about the weight of each unit of crushed garlic available from your supplier. Usually, crushed garlic is placed in containers, and you will find different sizes. It is important to find the best unit for your business. In general, larger containers will be cheaper than the same weight in smaller units. If your operations use a lot of garlic, the large size might be perfect for you. If your usage is slow, opt for smaller products. These are easier to store in the refrigerator or cabinets. Moreover, food items spoil faster after opening, so a smaller package is beneficial for longer-term usage.

Consider the Shelf Life

The shelf life of crushed garlic is a critical consideration during purchase. The period will determine the total quantity to acquire for your operations. If the amount is too small, you might run out of the ingredient prematurely. On the other hand, too much garlic could spoil before it can be used. Always inquire about the expiration date of the products you want from the supplier. Keep in mind that basic crushed garlic must be refrigerated, and poor ambient conditions will accelerate spoilage. If you are concerned about the risk of quick spoilage, choose unrefrigerated garlic. The crushed material is mixed with vinegar, salt and oil to keep the garlic fresh without refrigeration. 

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8 February 2023

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