Three Different Types Of Catering You Can Use For Your Next Event

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Catering is a very broad industry where you can find a myriad of different options. There is no right way or wrong way to use catering, but there are common routes that many people take which may not be as exciting as what you originally thought. Before you organise your next catering event, here are some ideas that might help broaden your horizons. Who knows, the options may end up becoming your favourite type of food and quite possibly change all your future catering choices.

Baked Pastries And Cakes

If you are having a between-meals event where you aren't quite sure what snacks and food you should provide, then why not go with a more baked goods focus? There are many catering options in this area, with a lot of companies offering a wide selection of pastries, slices and cakes. When you pair this with, say, a barista, you get a gourmet mix of delicious treats and uplifting coffee (or tea) that can really liven the mood. You don't always have to provide a full meal when using catering; sometimes a lighter touch is the best option.

Salads And Finger Food

Alternatively, if you want a healthier alternative or a bunch of delicious food that has a more hearty texture than pastries, then you might try a collection of finger foods. The great thing about finger food is that you can find some from every cuisine, whether that be mini-pizzas from Italy to Chinese yum cha and everything in between. Salads also come in a range of options, from creamy potato salad to a more light and tangy Ceasar salad. The options are only limited by your imagination, although your catering may have some ideas about which food pairs well with each other. 

Meals On The Go

If you are going to be hosting an event somewhere that chefs and cooks can't prepare the food in person, such as in a park or perhaps on a boat, then get catering to go. They can offer things like prepared sandwiches and wraps to bites and party favourites like pies, schnitzel and fries. When it comes to catering there does not need to be any waiters or representatives at the event to make sure you eat it all. Instead, you can just order the food and prepare it yourself when you are ready. To learn about more options, contact a catering service. 


20 August 2021

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