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5 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Event Caterer

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Event planning and catering go hand in hand. How you handle the catering will set the tone of your event. You have to consider quality, variety and presentation. You need to hire a caterer who provides great food and also understands the theme and style of your event. Here are 5 things you need to consider when choosing your event caterer.  Ensure the Caterer Has Experience When choosing an event caterer, their experience in the industry is key.

24 July 2020

Top Tips to Improve Your Catering Service

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Catering is a hectic occupation. Caterers are tasked with maintaining client relations, outdoing their competition, researching, securing supplies and communicating with employees. The article below provides a few tips that caterers can use to ensure every event is a success.  Proper Communication You must maintain proper communication with your customers and employees. Once you meet with a prospective customer, provide him or her with your email and telephone contacts. Always reply to customer calls and emails on time to gain their trust.

15 July 2019

Why Choose Italian Catering for Your Party?

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If you are staging a dinner party for a number of guests or perhaps want to provide food for a less formal occasion at your home, then there are plenty of different catering options that you might go for. Many people think that they need to do all of the food preparation work themselves, but this can be a great shame, because it will often mean that you are not able to mingle with your guests and enjoy the occasion.

25 June 2019