Two common mistakes budget-conscious couples make when ordering their wedding cakes


Budget-conscious couples often make certain mistakes when having their wedding cakes made by their local bakeries. Below are the two most common errors made by people in this type of situation.

Requesting a small cake that is light and mild-flavoured

One of the easiest steps a couple can take to ensure that their wedding cake is affordable is to have their chosen bakery make the cake fairly small. However, one error that people are inclined to make when they order a smaller-than-average wedding cake is opting for one which is light and fluffy and has a mild flavour (like a lemon sponge), rather than one which is very rich and dense (such as a flourless chocolate fudge cake).

The problem with this approach is that most people will not find a small sliver of an airy and mild-tasting sponge cake to be very filling. As such, a couple's guests who eat this cake will probably end up craving a more substantial dessert after they have consumed their slice. If a couple in this situation could not afford to serve a separate dessert in addition to the cake, then their guests might have to make do with this rather unsatisfying ending to their meal.

Conversely, if the couple had their local bakery create a small but very rich and flavoursome chocolate cake for their wedding, their guests would be satiated and happy with their small slices, as this is the type of dessert that is too dense to eat in large quantities.

Not being open-minded about more unusual (and less expensive) alternatives to traditional wedding cakes

Many budget-conscious couples also make the mistake of being unwilling to listen to their local bakery employees' ideas about less expensive alternatives to a traditional wedding cake. This is usually because they have a very rigid idea of what a wedding cake should look like and are hesitant to opt for something different, out of concerns that their guests might judge them or not enjoy this part of their meal.

However, opting for something like a tiered tower of beautifully-iced, colour-coordinated doughnuts, or a mountain of freshly-made crepes, dressed with fresh fruit and icing sugar, can be a lot less costly than a standard wedding cake and just as sweet, flavoursome and aesthetically-pleasing. Moreover, a lot of people who have attended several weddings in the past and have, therefore, eaten their fair share of wedding cake, would probably be quite pleased to be presented with a new and tasty form of dessert at this type of event.


22 October 2019

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