Why Should You Only Eat at Restaurants That Buy Local Produce?


Most people understand how important it is to be environmentally conscious these days and to do whatever they can to reduce the size of their carbon footprint. They may also understand how important it is to take small steps and to look at every aspect of their life from an eco-friendly perspective. It is certainly possible to help by supporting the local farmer and especially if these traders use an organic approach to their craft, but why is it more important than ever for consumers to think about this when they're eating out?

Local Only

Environmental protection is, of course, a hot topic these days, but local farmers are also under pressure for their very survival. Harsh weather conditions and economic factors may make it difficult for them to make ends meet, and if they were to fail, this could have a knock-on effect around the community. This is why it's important to support local farmers so that you help to safeguard jobs and distribution systems. You should favour restaurants that have this policy in place so that you are actively contributing to the local economy.

Less Energy

When the restaurant sources its food locally, then the fruit and vegetables will have less distance to travel on their way to your table. This will, in turn, use less energy and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and less effort will need to be made to keep the food in fresh condition.

Shorter Distribution Chain

The closer the source of the food, the shorter the distribution chain, which will lead to less waste across the board. So much energy is put into warehousing, merchandising and distribution, and if this can be cut out to a large degree, everybody should benefit.


If everyone were to take a leaf out of your book, then farmers could diversify a lot more, as they could sew different crops and avoid what is known as the "monoculture." This would only be good for the soil and would help to keep it in better condition throughout the year.

Wider Impact

Don't underestimate the impact of the local farming community on the wider area. As these farms thrive, so do the companies and individuals that support them, and this has a knock-on effect in villages and towns throughout the area.

Your Commitment

If you haven't done so yet, make an agreement with your family that you will only support restaurants that, in turn, back local farmers. This is the least that you can do as a good citizen. To learn more, contact your local produce restaurant.


24 July 2019

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