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Catering is a hectic occupation. Caterers are tasked with maintaining client relations, outdoing their competition, researching, securing supplies and communicating with employees. The article below provides a few tips that caterers can use to ensure every event is a success. 

Proper Communication

You must maintain proper communication with your customers and employees. Once you meet with a prospective customer, provide him or her with your email and telephone contacts. Always reply to customer calls and emails on time to gain their trust. During a consultation, do not push clients to select specific dishes. Instead, ask them how they envision the event. Give a few alternatives if you think that their suggestions are unrealistic. 

Update your team about the day of the event and what you expect from them. Encourage them to treat guests with dignity even if the guests are rude to them. This is a sure way of building your brand image. 

Cost-Effective Ideas

The main objective of your business is to make profits. Therefore, you must prepare quality dishes for the lowest possible price. Source your ingredients from the farm rather than purchasing processed foods. Fresh foods enhance the taste and appearance of your dishes. Think about energy-efficient appliances to save on energy bills.

Adopt a friendly pricing strategy. Preferably, have a few packages to ensure that you can cater to low-budget customers. From the beginning, provide your clients with a detailed quote of all costs that they will incur. Go for fixed pricing and avoid hidden charges. 

Some clients might opt to cancel the event. Inform them of deposit and cancellation charges. To avoid disputes, present your clients with contracts detailing the terms of the agreement.


The catering industry is ever-changing; hence, you must keep up with the trends. For example, people are increasingly concerned about their health. Therefore, customers may ask for vegetarian, low-fat or traditional meals. Research various foods and come up with creative ideas to make your food tasty. Present clients with an array of dishes and cuisines. 

Presentation Techniques

You must deliver beyond the client's expectations. Remember that guests are your potential clients; hence, you must appeal to them. For example, a unique food presentation may encourage a guest to seek your services. On the other hand, some of them may post the food on social media and acknowledge your efforts. 

With the above tips, you will have an easy time running your catering business. Do not forget the golden rule of business: the customer is always right. 

For more information about running a catering company, reach out to a catering service.


15 July 2019

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